A Happy Dog

My four legged family seems to be innocent and happy anytime. I wonder what secret in his head is producing it.


A flower of Amaryllis that grew out of the head of a pug. Cranes and tortoises came invited by the scent. In traditional Japanese culture, cranes and turtles are spiritual creatures that symbolize longevity and good luck.


My Pug always brings a happy image to my mind.

A Mischievous Boy

From one viewing mistake, a new image may come out one after another.


When I was watching a tiger, I could see his nose as a pear. It is similar in shape.


A small Budai of mischievous pride challenges the tiger. The opponent he is fighting against is actually a pear above the chessboard. The tiger quietly looks at it.

Harvest Moon

In Japan, on the full moon night of autumn, we offer dumplings for the moon, and celebrate the harvest of that year.


My greedy pugs have eaten offerings.  Seeing all the dumplings being eaten, a rabbit, a spirit of the moon, came down from the moon in a hurry.


To the full moon when the rabbit was gone, the spirit of the carp came. While watching the carp, hungry Pug mistakes carp as "Taiyaki" (Japanese fish shaped sweets)


The accident caused by a gluttonic pug always brings me a fun imagination.

Nehan - Banquet of hypocrites

Pigs are not respected animals. But I think that swine is mentally expensive, because pigs are dedicating everything to human beings. And that fate is accepted.  It is similar to the enlightenment of Buddha.


"Nehan” is the Nirvana in Japanese. Nivrana figure depicts a scene that reached the point of enlightenment when the Buddha died."


This work is based on the nirvana figure of Japan in the 15th century. I replaced the Buddha with a pig. The surrounding disciples are sad about the death of Buddha. But they are trapped by the appetite of pig dishes in their hearts.


There are two things I want to express with this picture. One is human arrogance to other animals.  Another is the difficulty of spiritual release from desire.

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